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General Home Watch Services

I Watch 4 You, LLC  is professionally trained, background checked by a 3rd party, and bonded & insured!   No need to burden neighbors, friends or family members when you need to check your seasonal property...

Learn more about our General Home Watch monitoring by reviewing the list below that details the provided visual check for many different areas of the home. All visits include an interior and exterior Home Watch report via our GPS reporting solution, “Your assurance that your service is being performed!”  

General Home Watch Checklist  *All services can be customized:

  1. Check mail box, sort out junk mail, and bring in mail or forward (If Applicable) 
  2. Check front of property for papers and items left at residence
  3. Water pots on front and back patios (If Applicable)
  4. Visual check of landscaping to see that plants are healthy and are being maintained
  5. Visual check of exterior of building walking entire perimeter checking windows, doors and sides of building for any potential problems
  6. Check for signs of pest and insect infestation around the exterior of home
  7. Visual check of pool and spa
  8. Walk interior perimeter and check for irregularities
  9. Check for signs of pest and insect infestation on the interior of home
  10. Cycle water in all sinks, bathtubs and showers to keep drain traps from drying out and prevent sewer gases from entering your home
  11. Check under all sinks for leaks
  12. Flush and brush all toilets to limit hard water ring
  13. Check air conditioning/heating for proper operation
  14. Cycle water through refrigerator drinking water line (If Applicable)
  15. Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain appliance
  16. Water interior plants (If Applicable)
  17. Check ceilings and skylights for any signs of roof leaks
  18. Check laundry room for leaks
  19. Pour water into washing machine drain once a month to prevent sewer gases from entering home or run washer monthly (if Applicable)
  20. Check hot water heater for any signs of leaks
  21. Check water softener tank for salt & refill (If Applicable)
  22. Check air filters (If Applicable) only if unit is accessible from ground or less than 14' in ceiling
  23. Run dishwasher and washing machine (If Applicable)

Let I Watch 4 You, LLC  become your trusted Home Watch Reporter!  Just give us a call or book an online appointment for us to visit you.

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We offer Home Watch visits for Weekly and Bi-weekly service via our exclusive Monsoon Plans



Premiere Managed Home Concierge - House Manager & Estate Management

I Watch 4 You, LLC offers all inclusive Estate Management Services. In addition to our above listed General Home Watch comprehensive Home Watch service, Estate Management assistance can include, but not limited to:

  • Coordination of established landscaping, pool, and pest control services
  • Coordination of home repairs via our preferred vendor list
  • Opening and Closing of home
  • Annual home maintenance plan and annual punch list
  • Concierge availability
  • Any other reasonable request will be accommodated

Our Fundamental Philosophy: 

Personal service with attention to detail. To that end, no problem large or small, no detail complicated or simple will be overlooked. We strive to inspire the utmost confidence in our abilities to give you total, personal satisfaction.

Personalized Concierge Services 

Customized programs available to provide clients with services such as:


  • Package acceptance and ship and receive important items (If Applicable)
  • Mail forwarding services (If Applicable)
  • Grocery shop and delivery prior to arrival
  • Run errands
  • Car drive services
  • And much more

Key-holder Services for Vendor Coordination & Supervision

All clients have access through I Watch 4 You, LLC to our Preferred Vendor Network of service providers, including house cleaning, pool repair & maintenance, landscape maintenance, window washing, plumbing, AC repair & maintenance, electrical, handyman services, painting, and more...


  • Schedule and coordinate with vendors and contractors to ensure work at the home is completed and done properly
  • Detailed client communication and follow-up
  • Provide vendors and trades with Key-In or Key-Out service for deliveries, meet repairmen, or simply lock a door you forgot 
  • If you forgot your key or need a guest to have access to home we can be a reliable local point-of-contact

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Premiere Managed Home Concierge works in tandem with Home Watch visits for Weekly and Bi-weekly service via our exclusive Monsoon Plans



Realtor & Broker Services | Private Investors & Bank Owned Property Services | HOA's

I Watch 4 You, LLC offers Trade Services


Realtor & Broker Services

Selling a seasonal home to a second home buyer can be difficult.  By having a local Home Watch Company to trust who could watch over and facilitate all the homes needs the Client could buy with confidence knowing it does not need to be a fearful burden. Buyers and Investors want to invest in our local Real Estate market but they don't know who will care for their property in their absence.  I Watch 4 You, LLC fills that void by providing professional, reliable, and reputable Home Watch Services.  In turn, allowing Realtors and Real Estate Companies these benefits:


  1. Realtor support for maintenance/monitoring while on market
  2. More time to focus on selling not on overseeing property
  3. Your partner to provide Home Watch Services while on the market as insurance policies for vacant and vacation homes generally have a number of coverage exclusions for perils that are typically covered in standard primary residence policy
  4. Lessening anxiety so client's can purchase with confidence - knowing we are there to watch and report locally for any home issues 
  5. Reduce exposure - we are professionally trained, bonded and properly insured and capable of limiting your exposure to potential home issues
  6. Peace -of- mind knowing your clients will have a reputable Home Watch Company protecting their new seasonal home purchase - They typically get a home warranty so why not a Home Watch service, too!
  7. Volume pricing available 

Private Investors & Bank Owned Property Services


Some insurance companies require routine inspections while the property is vacant or unoccupied for more than 30 or 60 days (depending on your policy) of the home being vacant.  This is particularly true of vacant property as many insurance providers are reluctant to insure a vacant property...  

If they do and you have no proof the property was being looked after and damages occur, you might not be covered.


Therefore, in a homeowners policy, vacancy exclusions will remove coverage for vandalism, building glass breakage, water damage, theft or attempted theft if the damage occurs within 30 or 60 days (depending on your policy) of the home being vacant. Coverage for standard perils such as fire and wind remain intact.  

Home Owner's Association (HOA) Services


If you are a Condominium Association or Home Owner's Association (HOA) official in need of a volume pricing for multiple units or have many seasonal residents, please call us to see if we can fulfill your needs.

Remember, we are professionally trained, bonded, and properly insured, (as some of of our competitors are not) and we are officially established with the State of Arizona as a corporation. These are the guidelines that most insurance companies have established to allow us to fulfill your obligation to provide Home Watch services.

Our prices are reasonable and competitive, and our services can be customized to whatever your insurance company coverage is demanding.  Plus we can guarantee that we are there providing services with our GPS reporting software!

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Professional Trade Services  allow us to be your Partner for Home Watch and Property Preservation Services while you focus on your core business of acquiring and selling more!   


It's nice to be recognized by your Clients!



Serving these areas and zip-codes

Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, N Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills.



I can hire my friend or neighbor to watch over my seasonal residence.

Can you expect them to visit on a regular schedule and to document each visit for Insurance purposes?  What if damage occurs on their watch? Ask yourself if your friendship could be in jeopardy or even be lost!

What is the cost to have a Home Watch Service?

That is a very valid question but service varies based on what you need as a client.  Its not a one type fits all scenario but we feel we are competitive based on the value of our services and credentials of being professionally trained.  

I will just take my chances that's why I have insurance!

Did you know that if you leave your seasonal residence for several weeks or months and damages occur, its possible that your insurance carrier might ask for proof that it was being looked after.  If you cannot prove it was being looked after, they might consider you negligent and deny your claim.  Now might be the time to inquire with your Agent.  Even better, inquire with them to see if they offer savings for having a Home Watch service...

What's the frequency of home watch visits?

It's our best practice to visit the property weekly, bi-weekly or more frequently.  We don't offer a monthly service.  Be concerned if its offered as that's too long and could affect your homeowners insurance. Now might be a good time to review with your Insurance Agent.  Ask if they provide discounts for having a professional Home Watch service...

Are you licensed, insured, background checked, and bonded?

Yes, with one exception and one that you need to understand.  There is no license yet for Home Watching, so if a company states they are licensed beware and inquire about their license.  However, we are a registered LLC and carry extensive insurance of $2 million in general liability and $4 million aggregate. We also are covered to drive vehicles as we have clients that have exotic cars.  We are background checked by a 3rd Party organization and carry a surety bond of $10K. We are happy to provide our company credentials and you should be asking all Home Watch providers for this and a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.

Why should I hire you?

Not only do we have a vested interest in our business by having a LLC and a higher level of insurance.  We also have invested in getting professional training and use best of breed Home Watch software to provide exceptional Home Watch visits and reporting.  We are not a simple walk through service!  This is value to you our potential Client, knowing you have a professional company working on monitoring one of your largest assets! 


Our company uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT.  The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that corresponding to the report’s creation.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need. 


Picture of I Watch 4 You, LLC Owner

Professional Background

I Watch 4 You, LLC is owned and operated by Kurt Gruendler who is a 20 plus year resident of Scottsdale Arizona. 

Kurt has had an interest in Real Estate for many years. He saw an opportunity to help Arizona home owners by forming I Watch 4 You, LLC which provides Home Watch and premiere concierge services to the Valley of the Sun’s seasonal residents. Kurt took this role very serious and flew to Sarasota, FL to attend a professional training class in order to provide his clients with an exceptional Home Watch Service.  Often times you will see Home Watchers entering this industry with little or no credentials.  He is both professionally trained & background checked by Your Home Watch Professionals and graduate of their training program.  He is also Founding Member of the International Home Watch Alliance and is the Arizona lead for this group.


Kurt moved to Scottsdale in the early 90’s to attend Arizona State University, WP Carey School of Business. Kurt worked full-time while attending and pursuing his degree in Marketing from ASU and graduated in 1996. After graduating he began his career in Sales & Marketing within the High-Tech industry. During his 20-year tenure within the High-Tech industry he worked for several Fortune 500 companies. Never feeling completely fulfilled, Kurt felt he needed yet another challenge and became an Entrepreneur!


On a personal level, Kurt has been married for over 14 years to his Canadian wife. She moved to Scottsdale for a career opportunity in healthcare, they met each other shortly after, and they became best friends.  They are blessed with a Daughter and a Maltipoo, named Ginger.  Being a business owner provides Kurt the flexibility to assist his aging mother, who is a stage 4 cancer survivor and seasonal resident of neighboring Fountain Hills, Arizona. Kurt is dedicated to helping his family and providing the best service to his clients!


I Watch 4 You, LLC serves Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills.


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I Watch 4 You, LLC - Home Watch & Concierge

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